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Canning River Residents Environment Protection Association (CRREPA)

CRREPA is a local community-based, not-for-profit, voluntary organisation working to protect and restore the health, diversity and productivity of the Canning River, in particular the Yagan Wetland Reserve and the Rossmoyne/Shelley foreshores.

We work with state and local government agencies as well as with local schools and organisations. CRREPA is recognised as a knowledgeable voice on foreshore conservation issues. CRREPA obtains grant funding for conservation projects and has various sub-groups actively involved in ‘hands on’ environmental activities.

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Why we are active
CRREPA was formed in May 1994 by Canning residents concerned by the degradation of the Canning River and Yagan Wetland Reserve. Our main aim is to ensure that the unique lower Canning and Bullcreek riverine environment is both restored and conserved for present and future generations to enjoy.

The catchment area
CRREPA’s focus area is within the Canning Catchment, in particular the Rossmoyne/Shelley foreshores, Yagan Wetland Reserve, and the Bullcreek inlet within the City of Canning.

The focus area contains a variety of Swan Coastal Plain habitats including Melaleuca and flooded gum flats, reed beds and areas of open water. These support a variety of water birds and invertebrates as well as providing an attractive and interesting urban experience for the local community. Together with the Canning River Regional Park, the area forms a link to the upper Canning and creates an important corridor for wildlife

Our project sites
Rossmoyne-Shelley foreshore at Riverton Drive, Rossmoyne (near Central Rd) before and after restoration by CRREPA.

Rossmoyne-Shelley foreshore before Rossmoyne-Shelley foreshore after
1995 2004

How can you help?

Become a CRREPA member

Become informed on rivercare issues

Join in on community work days

Do not trample foreshore vegetation

Do not disturb bird resting areas

Contact CRREPA with any bird sightings

Shelley Foreshore Bird Species List (2014)

Do not put pollutants down the drains

Reduce your use of garden fertiliser

Clean-up after your dog

Meeting and Field Days

Care for the Canning Field Days and Volunteer Opportunities


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