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Canning River Regional Park Volunteers (CRRPV)

Canning River Regional Park Volunteers are a small, dedicated group who work within the Canning River Regional Park, mostly between Nicholson Road Bridge in the east and Adenia Lagoon near the western end of the park.

Membership is free and is open to all who are registered as volunteers for the Canning River Regional Park. We would love your help with any of our activities – as little or as much time as you can afford!

Our aims
The group’s aims are to promote the Canning River Regional Park as a place of conservation and passive recreation, and to carry out activities, which enhance the natural values of the area.

About the Canning River Regional Park
Canning River Regional Park is a significant reserve along the Canning River, less than 10km from the CBD. It is surrounded by bushland and parkland areas and includes historic sites such as Woodloes Homestead, Mason’s Landing and Kent Street Weir.

There are picnic areas at Riverton Jetty Reserve, Wilson Park and Masons Landing. A number of pleasant walk trails meander through Eucalyptus rudis woodland, and several lakes provide added interest. It is an area where you are likely to encounter a variety of birds, frogs, turtles, insects and plants.

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What we do
Jo Stone laying out black plastic, an environmentally friendly method of weed control Carry out activities in connection with a number of specific project sites within the park.

Hold monthly workdays – planting, mulching, weeding, seed collection, etc.

Hold monthly meetings – on the third Wednesday of each month at Canning River Eco-Education Centre, Wilson at 7:30pm.

Carry out two bird surveys per year – one in April, one in November.

Combine with other organizations to contribute to larger scale projects – such as Liege Street Demonstration Wetland and Tree Day Plantings.

Attend community functions – such as Foundation Day.

Provide walks to inform the public of environmental features, development, and concerns within the park.

Parkland Restoration Canning River Regional ParkCurrent volunteer project sites include:
NRM Site
Urban Forest
Litoria Flats, Upper Level
Western Power Litoria Sedge Site
Nicholson Billabong Revegetation

Earlier project sites / still being monitored:
Banksia Hill Revegetation
Litoria Stream Lining
Morning Glory
Litoria Fenced Site

Next Event

Informal work days are conducted on Monday mornings (watering) and on other days as the need arises. Anyone with time to spare would be welcomed. Contact Jo Stone 9458 3669.

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2015 happenings

Watering Litoria BankJanuary

Watering at Litoria Bank



Photo: Richard ready for watering at Litoria Bank




Possum BoxesFebruary

Planning Meeting

Group Work Day at Litora Stream

On-going watering of Litoria Bank



Photo: One of two Possum boxes
installed at Litora Stream







Clean Up Australia Day
Clean Up Australia Day - supported by Stocklands Riverton, City of Canning and approx. 60 community members.

Photo: Clean Up Aust Day 2015


Rakali searches – attempts to find Native Water Rats along the Canning.

Watering - continued at Litoria Bank.


Group Work Day – at Litoria Flats.

Weeding among sedges Seed collection
Photo: Weeding among sedges, Litoria Flats Photo: Collecting seeds of Hakea varia


BoobookEarth Day – support with children's activity.


Bird Survey 29.3.15
Our 24th survey; 69 species recorded.

Latest Bird Survey by routes (notes) News
Summary of all Bird Surveys by routes (2003 - 2015) News


Photo: Southern Boobook at Lambertia Flats






After a morning's weedingApril

Work Day – weeding at NRM Site.



Photo: After a morning's weeding




White-faced Herons on nest2014 happenings

Planning Meeting

Watering – ongoing, at Litoria Flats, Upper Level

Photo: Young White-faced Herons on nest, Kent St Weir area



Emily helping with weedingFebruary
Work Day – weeding at NRM Site – some planting & 30 bags of weeds removed.

Photo: Emily helping with weeding



Bird Survey
Latest Bird Survey by routes (notes)


Bird Survey
Latest Bird Survey by routes (notes)