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Canning River Regional Park Volunteers (CRRPV)

Canning River Regional Park Volunteers are a small, dedicated group who work within the Canning River Regional Park, mostly between Nicholson Road Bridge in the east and Adenia Lagoon near the western end of the park.

Membership is free and is open to all who are registered as volunteers for the Canning River Regional Park. We would love your help with any of our activities – as little or as much time as you can afford!

Our aims

The group’s aims are to promote the Canning River Regional Park as a place of conservation and passive recreation, and to carry out activities, which enhance the natural values of the area.

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Jo Stone
 (08) 9458 3669
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About the Canning River Regional Park

Canning River Regional Park is a significant reserve along the Canning River, less than 10km from the CBD. It includes a long stretch of the river, bushland, parkland and historic sites such as Woodloes Homestead, Mason’s Landing and Kent Street Weir.

There are picnic areas at Riverton Jetty Reserve, Wilson Park and Masons Landing. A number of pleasant walk trails meander through Eucalyptus rudis woodland, and several lakes provide added interest. It is an area where you are likely to encounter a variety of birds, frogs, turtles, insects and plants.

What we do

  • Carry out activities in connection with a number of specific project sites within the park.
  • Hold monthly workdays and small group week day work sessions as necessary – planting, mulching, weeding, seed collection, etc.
  • Hold monthly meetings – on the third Wednesday of each month at Canning River Eco-Education Centre, Wilson at 7:30pm.
  • Carry out two bird surveys per year – one in April, one in November.
  • Occasionally combine with other organizations to contribute to larger scale projects – such as Liege Street Demonstration Wetland and Tree Day Plantings.
  • Attend community functions – such as WA Day, Science Day and Clean Up Australia Day.
  • Provide walks to inform the public of environmental features, development, and concerns within the park.
CRRPV New look

Current project sites

  • Urban Forest
  • Litoria Flats (includes Sedge Site, Litoria Bank & Samphire Site)
  • Nicholson Billabong Revegetation
  • Morning Glory
  • Litoria Fenced Site
  • The Paddock

Earlier project sites – still monitored

  • Banksia Hill Revegetation
  • Litoria Stream Lining

Far left: A Little Egret which has very different feeding behaviour from the more commonly seen Great Egret – this one bounces around after prey.

Left: A Nankeen-Night-Heron which sits perfectly still by day; more active late afternoon or early morning.

Happenings in the Park

Informal work days are conducted as needed during the week (watering). Anyone with time to spare would be welcomed. Contact Jo Stone 9458 3669.

check out the calendar for upcoming events

December Happenings

Dec 14:  Meeting – 7:30pm at CREEC, Kent St, Wilson.
NB Earlier than usual date to avoid Christmas social events.

Dec 17:   Work Day:  Urban Forest; 8:30am start; access via Metcalfe Rd, Bridgeway Ave, right into Eastfield Court, turn at the end of the cul-de-sac, then drive – with extreme caution – along the dual-use-path toward Nicholson Rd. We park near Nicholson Rd so vehicles are in sight / accessible to us only.

If you have free time during the week, Jo would be happy to put you to work then as well.

Further info: Jo 9458 3669 or Pam [email protected]


  • Look out for Rainbow Bee-eater nests – they make a tunnel in the ground so are at risk from dogs and people wandering off pathways.
  • Fish traps in the river? Do not remove them. Report immediately to FishWatch 1800 815 507. Do not approach suspicious people and be discreet when making a call to report, noting rego nos, descriptions of people etc.
  • Help out researchers from Murdoch Uni and Eastern Metro Regional Council by completing a brief survey re interacting with wildlife.

Book Publication

Publication of “End to End: A year in the Canning River Regional Park” by Pam Agar

Launched at the official opening of the Canning River Eco-Education Centre on 7th June 2008, this book is a magnificent tribute to the natural environment of the Canning River Regional Park.

It is available to purchase at a cost of $10 (incl. GST)* from:
1. SERCUL – 1 Horley Road Beckenham
2. Canning River Eco Education Centre – Kent Street Wilson
3. Pam Agar on 9457 2292 or email [email protected]
*Please note that price does not include postage

End to End book

2016 Happenings

2016 Happenings in the Park


Ongoing research re microbats within CRRP.

January 30 – Work Day at Urban Forest – removal of blackberry regrowth and other weeds.


February 20 – Work Day at Litoria Fenced Site – removal of Veldt Grass.

Collecting samples for Microbat Project
Collecting samples for Microbat Project
Removing blackberry regrowth
Removing blackberry regrowth
Weeding Veldt Grass, Litoria Fenced 20.2.16
Weeding Veldt Grass, Litoria Fenced


March 6 – Clean Up Australia Day – supported by Stockland Riverton.

March 19 – Work Day – Removal of Buffalo Grass at Paddock Site


April 1 – Earth Day at CREEC – CRRPV members provided one activity.

April 10 – Bird Survey

April 23 – Work Day at Small Billabong – planting of Meleleuca teretifolia & Banksias; spreading of mulch barrier, removal of Cotton Palms

Collected rubbish - photo by Marie Kerr
Collected rubbish - photo by Marie Kerr
Tackling Buffalo Grass, S end of Paddock, March Wk Day 2016
Tackling Buffalo Grass, S end of Paddock
Welcome Swallow at the weir by Claire Kennedy
Welcome Swallow at the weir by Claire Kennedy
Planting Banksia attenuata 23.4.16
Planting Banksia attenuata


WA Day – children’s activities to support of City of Canning event

June 11 – Work Day – planting and weeding at Litoria Bank


July 2 – Work Day at Billabong Sites – planting and weeding

Vollies at work, Litoria Bank, June 2016 by Claire
Vollies at work, Litoria Bank, by Claire
A visit from the Eco-fairies
A visit from the Eco-fairies
CRRPV in action, WA day 2016
CRRPV in action, WA day 2016
Ready to start work
Ready to start work

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