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Welcome to SERCUL

The South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL) was formed in 2003 as an independent Natural Resource Management body in Perth, Western Australia. SERCUL brings together the community, business and government to develop and implement projects that improve the health of our waterways and other ecosystems.

One of five sub-regional bodies, the area SERCUL covers takes in Dyarguu (the Canning River), the Southern Wungong River and their tributaries and parts of Derbarl Yaragan (the Swan River).

Coronavirus Update

We wish to advise that the SERCUL office is closed to the public however, all office based staff are working from the office.  All staff are available on their emails and mobiles so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our terrific SERCUL Green Team are fortunately still out on ground earning funds to assist SERCUL to continue its many roles in the management and repair of our natural environment. All Green Team staff are following strict health guidelines to ensure their safety from coronavirus.

Its not quite business as usual but we are all looking at the various ways we can implement our many programs and projects to ensure we deliver as near as possible the outcomes required. Our funding bodies have been very understanding which is making the challenges confronting us a lot easier to manage.

Thinking of you all in these challenging times and looking forward to the time we can all come together to celebrate the defeat of the coronavirus on our communities.

We undertake a variety of community and partnership projects that meet our objectives and ensure our vision is being achieved. These projects fall within three main categories:

SERCUL Environmental Services

At SERCUL, we aim to provide the best service possible for our clients and community. We assess, design and deliver innovative and practical solutions to suit our client’s needs.
All proceeds from our Environmental Services are invested back into this non-profit community organisation to help us deliver our vision, ‘To have, as a given, the Natural Resources of the South Region of Perth managed in a healthy and sustainable manner by all stakeholders for future generations.’
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