Become a Member

Become a Member and join a respected, independent landcare organisation that values our community groups and brings them together with business and government to implement projects that improve the health of our waterways and other ecosystems.

SERCUL have recently changed their Constitution and under this new Constitution we have two levels of membership as follows:

Full Member

Are Community-based nature conservation and landcare organisations that support the Objects and Purposes of the Association. The organisation must appoint a Representative who shall be the main contact for SERCUL and shall be deemed for all purposes to be a Full Member until their appointment as Representative is revoked by the organisation and another Representative appointed. Full members have voting rights.

Associate Member

Is an individual Member who supports the Objects and Purposes of SERCUL, does not have voting rights but has the entitlements specified in Rule 5.3. of our constitution.

Benefits of SERCUL Membership

Engaging and supporting our community remains a major focus for SERCUL, where we serve as a hub for environmental groups to build their capacity, enable them to access funding and ensure their project success by establishing strong partnerships.
As community groups are as diverse as they are many, we adapt our assistance to suit each of their individual needs including:

  • grant auspicing/sponsorship;
  • grant writing;
  • grant support and management;
  • access to volunteer labour;
  • access to equipment;
  • access to meeting space;
  • developing volunteer work plans;
  • hosting community events;
  • technical advice and support;
  • plant ID;
  • weed control techniques;
  • educational opportunities;
  • training workshops;
  • webpage hosting and community rate graphic design;
  • administration services (financial management and book keeping).

There is no cost involved in becoming a member and only one meeting to attend each year, the AGM. Members will also be invited to quarterly Community Forums (not compulsory) where they can network and gain skills and knowledge about relevant topics and to special events. All members will also receive the SERCUL E-newsletter.