Friends of Ellis Brook Valley

Friends of Ellis Brook Valley

Who we are and our aims

The group was formed in 1982. Although small in membership, a dedicated and determined approach has resulted in the completion of very many successful conservation projects at Ellis Brook Valley Reserve. Our principal aim is the Conservation and Preservation of the Reserve. We also aim to foster a greater understanding and enjoyment of the Reserve by the general public.

What we offer our volunteers

Anyone of any age can become a member of the Group. The level of involvement and the degree of manual work undertaken is entirely at the discretion of each member but any level of involvement is greatly valued. We gain considerable satisfaction from seeing things accomplished and from doing so from within a team of like minded people.

All members can participate in discussions regarding policy, issues and actions at Ellis Brook Reserve. We have members who have a good knowledge of the environment, including the flora and fauna of Ellis Brook and this knowledge is willingly shared. One or two social events are held each year. Morning teas and a lunch time BBQs make for an enjoyable feature at our regular work mornings.

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John Bowler
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Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

The Reserve is located just a few kilometres east of Gosnells. Access is via Rushton Rd,  Martin. It is a large area of natural bushland straddling  the Darling Scarp.  The scenery is dramatic with rugged ridges each side of the valley. The ‘Sixty Foot Waterfall’ plunges from the top of the scarp after winter rains. The spring time wildflowers are diverse and spectacular. There is a large number of bird species to be seen. In the reserve the visitor can enjoy a variety of walks. These range from walks on easy, surfaced, paths to more challenging hikes on rough trails. There are  parking areas at Honneyeater Hollow and Waterfall Gulley. The former has toilets, picnic and BBQ facilities. Unfortunately, unattended cars have sometimes been broken into

What we do

  • The Group maintains an independent but productive relationship with the councillors and staff at the City of Gosnells.
  • We assist with, and advise the Council on maintenance issues.
  • We revegetate degraded areas by planting trees and shrubs and by erosion control measures.
  • Rubbish and graffiti clean up.
  • We assist and advise the Council with regard to future developments and projects.
  • We actively seek funding for future projects.
  • The group implement projects, sometimes in partnership with the Council or other groups.
  • We maintain an Ellis Brook Regional Herbarium jointly with the State Herbarium. This has recorded, by way of a specimen collection, over 500 species of plants existing at Ellis Brook Reserve.
  • We maintain a Fungi inventory in partnership with the Perth Fungi Group.
  • In conjunction with the City of Gosnells we conduct an Eco Walks and Talks programme.
  • We have and will continue to provide some of the signage and information displays at the Reserve.

Key Future Activities

  • Be aware of all issues at Ellis Brook Valley.
  • General maintenance and planting.
  • Upgrade of Waterfall Gulley.
  • Upgrade work on walk trails.

Work Days and Meetings

  • Regular Work Days are usually held on the 2nd Sunday of each month.
  • Other Work Days are held on  an as required basis.
  • Meetings of all members are usually held on the 4th Monday of the month. There is a minimum of 5 of these meetings per year.

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