Kits and Files


Kits and Files

There are a number of kits and files that contain wonderful information and activities to help with catchment education in the classroom.
They are available on loan to schools – free of charge.

Turtle Kit

This kit contains information and resources relating to the Southwestern Snake-Necked Turtle (previously known as the Long-necked or Oblong Turtle) (Chelodina colliei) such as real Turtle shells, egg shells, soft toy, video,  books, photos, stickers and worksheets.

Junior Frog Kit – Fun with Frogs

This kit is aimed at children aged between three and six years. It engages children in learning about Perth frogs through activities, songs, poems, puzzles, books and puppets.

Macroinvertebrate Kit

A kit containing basic sampling and identification equipment for use by schools and other groups to have a closer look at macroinvertebrates.

Salinity in the Classroom File

This file is for Kindergarten – Year 10 providing information and activities on one of Australia’s worst environmental issues, salinity.

From Sand to Ducks File

This file is aimed at excursions to the Capel Wetlands but the activities could be used at any river or wetland system. There are activities based around the following areas – plants, aquatics, fish, frogs, reptiles and birds.

Sunset over the Catchment

This educational board game for upper primary to adults involves students in learning about and discussing water as a finite resource, requiring careful management to sustain water quality as well as water availability.