Beckenham Open Space

Beckenham Open Space

The Beckenham Open Space (BOS) was once agricultural land and productive orchards. Since SERCUL gained residence in 2003, we have been actively restoring the catchment and wetland systems surrounding the office located in Beckenham.

Given our location, very close to the city, we can still impart a feel for the country here especially with the Yule Brook flowing in the winter months. It is highly pleasurable to walk or ride your bike through the BOS with the many tracks taking you on a journey past the brook or the Canning River. The wetlands are host to a variety of water birds during the winter months such as Black Swans, Spoonbills, Ibis, Herons and Egrets. During summer, whilst hot and the wetlands have dried up, there is still plenty of twitching to do with the return of the Rainbow Bee-eaters and Sacred Kingfishers to this location in October. We are very proud that the BOS is also habitat for a variety of native animals including the Long-necked turtle, several species of frogs and the King Skink.

The BOS has recently had interpretative signage installed along the walk tracks and board walks. The signs tell the story of some of the animal and plant inhabitants of the area and the history of this part of Perth.

We also have a bush tucker and community vegie garden that we are building upon with the help of volunteers. The principles of a permaculture garden have been used so we successfully do not use any herbicides. We have over five garden beds with some beds catering to people with disabilities, such as wheelchair access. We are also going to install a sensory garden as part of the expansion plans.