Mistletoe Web of Life Poster

Mistletoe Web of Life Poster

Mistletoe Web of Life Poster


Mistletoe Web of Life poster – A2 size

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A2 size poster featuring the Mistletoe Web of Life.

This poster has illustrations and text detailing the intricate relationships that exist between native Mistletoe plants and various other native plants and animals. The Mistletoe plants are semi-parasitic and rely on a host plant on which to grow and Mistletoe birds to spread their seeds. The plant is eaten by the caterpillar stage of certain species of butterflies, who rely on it as their only food source…so without the Mistletoe plant, we wouldn’t have these butterflies! The caterpillars are protected by ants who are rewarded for their gallantry with a feed of sweet nectar produced by the caterpillars. The Mistletoe Web of Life is great for teaching students about the connections that exist between plants and animals and the impact removing even one species from the ecosystem can have on many others!

The poster is a great teacher resource and comes with a detailed fact sheet and 3 activity sheets on the reverse that are able to be photocopied for use in the classroom.