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Wilson Wetlands Action Group (WWAG)

The aim of the association is to ensure conservation of the Caning River Regional Park within its existing boundary, now and for future generations. Specifically this refers to the area within the regional park bounded by Bow Street to the City of Canning Depot and between the Canning River and Fern Road, Wilson.

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Wilson Wetlands areas of interest and project sites map

BMX Track Rehabilitation Site

The BMX Track Site in 2001 - before planting
The grass is sprayed and mulch laid down
Planting into section 2 during winter 2002
By 2003 the plants have established themselves
More growth, July 2003
The BMX Track is built
The fence separates the conservation and recreation zones

CRAWLS Site (Castledare Revegetation and Wilson Living Stream Project)

Intersection of Fern Road and Hyland Way, Wilson

The Drain before remediation
Laying the Jute for erosion control
Planting sedges into the bank

Mill Street Restoration Project

Intersection of Fern Road and Fern Place, Wilson

Sedges form an understorey below Flooded Gums
Mill Street Drain enters at Wilson Lagoon
Centella and Juncus growing along path

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