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Community improving the health of our land waterways




Welcome to SERCUL

The South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL) was formed in 2003 as an independent Natural Resource Management body in Perth, Western Australia. SERCUL brings together the community, business and government to develop and implement projects that improve the health of our waterways and other ecosystems.

One of five sub-regional bodies, the area SERCUL covers takes in Dyarguu (the Canning River), the Southern Wungong River and their tributaries and parts of Derbarl Yaragan (the Swan River).

We undertake a variety of community and partnership projects that meet our objectives and ensure our vision is being achieved. These projects fall within three main categories:

Landcare and Restoration

Environmental Education

Monitoring and Research

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SERCUL Environmental Services

At SERCUL, we aim to provide the best service possible for our clients and community. We assess, design and deliver innovative and practical solutions to suit our client’s needs in three main areas:

Landcare & Restoration  Monitoring & Research  Education & Promotion

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