Fertilise Wise and Grow Local Plants

Fertilise Wise and Grow Local Plants

Fertilise Wise Campaign

Lawn and garden fertilisers are one of the largest threats to our rivers as nutrients added to our sandy soils are easily leached. The lack of awareness of the impact of fertilisers on rivers and wetlands is a target for the Phosphorus Awareness Project’s (PAP) Fertilise Wise campaign.

PAP and Fertilise Wise’s aim is to reduce the amount of nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) people contribute to waterways through stormwater drains, leaching into groundwater and runoff by promoting appropriate fertiliser practices for the soils of the region.

You can help by:

  • Minimising lawn areas
  • Fertilising only when symptoms of nutrient deficiency occur eg. yellowing
  • Using a complete lawn fertiliser containing a Nitrogen: Phosphorus: Potassium (N:P:K) ratio of 10:1:6
  • Looking for fertilisers that also contain other nutrients such as sulphur (S), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and the trace elements copper (Cu), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), boron (B), zinc (Zn) and molybdenum (Mo)
  • Considering that the MAXIMUM individual application rate for the fertiliser should be 25 grams per square metre for Couch and 12 grams per square metre for Kikuyu and Buffalo
  • Only applying fertiliser, if it’s required, in spring or early Autumn (Sept, Oct, Nov, Mar and Apr)
  • Not fertilising in summer or winter
  • Not over watering
  • Growing local plants – they require less fertiliser and water
  • Using the map below, identifying your soil type then downloading the Fertilise Wise Guide and Grow Local Plant Guide that applies to your area.

Fertilise Wise and Grow Local Plant Guides

The Grow Local Plants Project was developed to increase the number of local plants used in residential gardens throughout Perth by providing residents with a brochure containing lists of local species suitable for their soil type as well as information on maintaining local plants. The project can be, and has previously been, supported by Local Government Authorities (LGAs) when they pay for the printing and distribution of the Grow Local Plant brochures which they tailor to their specific region. LGAs can also conduct awareness raising activities (such as developing Local Plant Demonstration Gardens) alongside SERCUL to support the brochures and to promote the importance of using local plants in your garden.

The Perth area is broken up into five different areas dependent on soil type. Click on the map below for a larger view and find the area that you fall in. Once you have found your area click on the relevant soil type to download your brochure below.

Fertilise Wise and Grow Local Plant Brochures

*We have updated the 5 Fertilise Wise by Soil Type brochures and combined them all into one brochure. The brochure is now called – Establishing, Maintaining and Fertilising your Lawn According to your Soil Type. It focuses on lawns with additional environment-friendly gardening tips.