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Landcare and Restoration Services

SERCUL’s Landcare and Restoration team are specialists in the field with many years onground experience. Our highly skilled workforce can plan and implement projects from small scale revegetation or weed spraying projects to large scale landscape projects including Living Streams and constructed wetlands.

We strive to implement projects that improve the health of our waterways and other ecosystems for the benefit of our stakeholders and future generations.


Services Provided

  • Specialist Weed Management (License #1939) including bushland, aquatic (Amazon Frogbit, Hydrocotyle) and woody weed management
  • Bushland Management including planning, assessment and implementation
  • Living Streams, Water Sensitive Urban Design and installation including constructed wetlands – leaders in drainage reform in WA
  • Revegetation design and implementation
  • Management plans
  • Trained Labour workforce, which undertakes the following tasks:
  • ⇒ planting
    ⇒ rubbish collection and removal
    ⇒ manual weed control
    ⇒ riverbank and waterway stabilisation including jute matting and brush mattressing
    ⇒ fencing

  • GIS mapping, analysis, database management, technical support
  • Dieback treatment equipment hire

Benefits of using SERCUL

  • Have a fully equipped landcare work force including spray units and licensed pest management technicians
  • Strong existing partnerships with community, local government and state government agencies
  • Proven track record implementing landscape scale restoration projects

Case Studies

  • Hydrocotyle Control

    Hydrocotyle Control

    Hydrocotyle ranunculoides has the potential to severely impact on aquatic ecosystems and has been prolific in this drain prior…

  • Lake Coogee

    Lake Coogee

    A condition of development at part of the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson was to revegetate an area of…

  • Urban Waterways Renewal – Bannister Creek

    Urban Waterways Renewal – Bannister Creek

    The Urban Waterways Renewal project had a multimillion dollar investment that consisted of 11 sub-projects aimed at reducing nutrients…

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