Education and Promotion

Education and Promotion is a core component of our services and our experienced team is skilled in environmental education project development and implementation and graphic design with an environmental focus.

We aim to develop a cultural change in how the community views and interacts with the environment while promoting and actively participating in the improvement of the health of our waterways and other ecosystems.


Services Provided

  • Graphic Design by a designer with a landcare background
  • NRM training and education
  • Fertilise Wise Fertiliser Training program
  • Aquatic Weed Management Training program
  • Clean Drains River Gains drain stencilling education and resources
  • Canoeing on the Canning teacher/community professional learning
  • Freshwater Fauna education and resources
  • Mozzie Wise education and resources
  • Noongar posters
  • School/youth group incursions and excursions
  • Industry engagement
  • Community group development and support

Benefits of using SERCUL

  • Environmental education professionals with over a decade of experience who are passionate about our environment
  • Strong existing partnerships with schools, environmental education organisations, community, local government and state government agencies
  • Proven track record implementing and developing education projects and packages

Case Studies