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Catchment Education

What is our vision for schools in this region?

To achieve an environmentally responsible school community in the Perth region, actively involved in environmental protection and catchment management.

    How do we help schools?

    • Link you to training and Professional Development opportunities: to empower whole school communities to support local catchment management activities by running and promoting workshops

    Canoeing on the Canning – a full day PL opportunity, hosted by SERCUL and held during National Water Week in October, where teachers learn about the river system and its issues while canoeing. Canoeing on the Canning can also be tailored to an all school PL day or team building sessions.

    • Link schools to funds: link teachers to funding resources
    • Link schools to learning resources: link teachers to educational resources
    • Link schools to their local “patch”: link schools into on-ground activities together with local catchment and “friends of’ groups
    • Produce an Educators Newsletter every term
    • Provide incursions and excursions for school students
    • Provide a Phosphorus Awareness Project (PAP) YouTube Channel  containing informative videos about our catchments, their inhabitants and the threats they face


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