Clean Drains River Gains

The Clean Drains River Gains drain stencilling project commenced in June 2003 when the Bannister Creek Catchment Group and the Phosphorus Awareness Project received funding under a Water Corporation grant. This funding was combined with some received through other sources to create a broad educational water quality campaign. The current campaign managed by SERCUL as part of the Phosphorus Awareness Project (PAP) aims to raise awareness of the link between drains and natural waterways.

We all know that prevention is better than cure and preventing pollution is far better than struggling to undo the damage. But how many of us realise that the drains outside our homes and businesses are really an extension of our rivers, lakes and wetlands? Whatever we allow to enter the drainage system will find its way to the natural environment….often with serious consequences like fish kills, algal blooms, oil spills and the visual scarring of beautiful environments. Highlighting the link between drains and rivers is the aim of the Clean Drains River Gains campaign.

You may notice a logo the same as or similar to the one above stencilled on drains in your area or at your school. Drain stencilling is an important part of the Clean Drains River Gains campaign and one in which you, your school, council or community group can be involved. The drain stencilling kit is available for use by community groups and other organisations, including businesses, wishing to increase pollution awareness in their area or work place. For information on drain stencilling activities, please contact SERCUL.