Landcare and Restoration

Landcare and Restoration projects

Urban Waterways Renewal Project
In 2010, SERCUL received $4 million of Australian Government funding through the National Water Security Plan for Cities

Drainage Nutrient Intervention Project
The Drainage Nutrient Intervention Program (DNIP) is funded through the Department of Parks and Wildlife as part of the Healthy Catchments Program

Beckenham Open Space
The Beckenham Open Space (BOS) was once agricultural land and productive orchards

Bowra & O’Dea Memorial Groves
The memorial groves are a partnership between Bowra & O’Dea, Men of the Trees and SERCUL.  Trees are selected by families and a plaque installed to remember their loved ones.

Living Streams
A ‘Living Stream’ is a simple drain that has been converted to a functioning ecosystem.


Weed Management
Management of both bushland and aquatic weeds is a key focus for SERCUL… 

Hawkesbury Lakes

Other Projects
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