Lake Coogee


Project name: Lake Coogee Wetland and Bushland Restoration Project

Location: Lake Coogee, Henderson

Project description/Scope:
A condition of development at part of the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson was to revegetate an area of 4.5ha on the southern edge of Lake Coogee. Landcorp put this revegetation project out for tender and SERCUL was successful in securing this tender in October 2012.
Weed control began in September 2012 and was repeated quarterly in preparation for planting in winter 2014. Methods included boom spraying, handgun spraying of more sensitive areas around the wetland, woody weed removal and slashing. Weed control will continue until project handover scheduled for December 2015. Once planting had occurred we employed careful spot spraying, use of selective herbicides and hand removal where necessary as the preferred methods of weed control using our professional weed control team.
The 60,000 native tubestock, including 40 locally native species that were installed in winter 2014, established well and will provide a valuable buffer around Lake Coogee in the years to come and improved habitat for local fauna. Revegetation included canopy through to mid and understorey species.

SERCUL has also completely fenced off this project to prevent unauthorised vehicles damaging revegetation.
The key to this project running smoothly and achieving results has been dedicated management that is focused on completing tasks as required. For example, the timing of weed control results maximum effectiveness and minimum cost through diligent management of the project.