Mozzie Wise Activities

Thank you for watching our video and completing our surveys!

Ready for more activities? Below are activities based on your learning level that can be done at home and at school. Each school package (Foundation – Year 2, Year 3 – 6 and Year 7 – 10) contains one activity per year group plus a general activity for all year levels. All of the packages, including that for the Community, contain The Great Mozzie Checkup which should be completed regularly during the warmer months. Click on the image below to download and print an activity booklet for your age level.

Foundation - Yr 2

Foundation – Year 2

Mozzie Wise Activities Yr 3-6

Year 3 – 6

Mozzie Wise Activities Yr 7-10

Year 7 – 10

The Great Mozzie Checklist Community cover

Community / All Years

The City of Baywater and SERCUL thank you for taking part in this project and learning about all the things mosquitoes do – both good and bad.

We wish you luck with reducing mosquito breeding sites in your school grounds and at home!

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