Water Quality Data Analysis


Project name: Water quality data analysis

Location: Environmental priority catchments in the City of South Perth: Sir James Mitchel Park (Hurlingham Lake, Tondut Lake and Douglas Lake), Bodkin Park, Gillon Lake, Collier Golf Course Park, Neil McDougal Park, Aquinas Bay catchments (Redmond Reserve and Sulman Avenue), Doneraile Reserve, and Curtin University Rowing Club catchment (Elderfield drain).

Project description/Scope:
The City of South Perth (CoSP) made a request to the South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare Inc. (SERCUL) to undertake an analysis of all the water quality data collected by the City from 1989 to 2008; providing a summary of the findings; comparing the results against recognised standards or guidelines, highlighting the key findings along the water quality monitoring period and recommending management actions oriented to the improvement of the water quality of the catchments.

  • The purpose of the first outcome was to present the CoSP with data summations of water quality data from ten designated catchments within the CoSP boundaries. The first report “Water Quality Analysis for the City of South Perth: Data Summations” was handed out to the city on August 2011.
  • The purpose of the second outcome was to present the CoSP with the water quality data analysis per catchment and per parameter. The second report “Water Quality in the City of South Perth catchments 1989 – 2008 Data” was handed out to the city on May 2013.
  • The purpose of the third report, “Water Quality monitoring and evaluation 1989-2008: Ranking Analysis” (under preparation), is to provide a ranking analysis of 32 sites of nine catchments of the City of South Perth.
  • Additionally, in 2012 the City of South Perth decided to restart the water quality monitoring program on some of their catchments. SERCUL has been responsible for the Sampling Analysis Plan (SAP) development, the registration of the sampling sites and SAPs into the Department of Water WIN data base; the sample collection; the analysis of the results; the preparation of annual reports with key findings and management recommendations.

SERCUL was able to gain the proposal because of the benefits and positive outcomes of the project and the good reputation SERCUL has delivering services successfully and offering good value for investment. Some of the benefits are the development of strong partnerships with the stakeholders; the quality assurance during the data collection, collation and analysis; the comparison of results against Australian guidelines (ANZECC); and the preparation of reports with management recommendations. SERCUL has also well know experience and knowledge related to urban landcare and water sensitive urban design, including retrofit of existing systems within site specific constraints to improve water quality.

The key elements to the success of the development and implementation of this project have been the opportune and efficient liaison and communication with the City of South Perth staff, the compliance with schedules for delivering the different outcomes and the preparation of the reports according to the City of South Perth needs and standards.

Julie Ophel, Environmental Officer, City of South Perth

ClientCity of South Perth